Are you ready to boost your confidence and feel empowered?
Are you facing major change in your life and finding it hard to manage?
Are you ready to get “unstuck”?
Are you ready to break free from repetitive negative thoughts and the dominant stories that you tell yourself?
Are you looking for more clarity so you can reach your goals?
Do you want to improve your overall wellbeing? Are you ready to pursue happiness? Is it time for you to live your best life?
Stress, anxiety, major life changes, loss, frustration, health challenges, heartbreak, and disappointment. There is no way for any of us to go through this precious life without experiencing the challenging times. The peaks and valleys of life are very real so the question becomes: How do we respond to the worst of times so we can persevere and grow? And, how do we build upon our strengths during the best of times so we can live life to the fullest?


What I’ve learned through my studies as well as personal and professional experience is that we are incredibly resilient beings. We are capable of so much more than we often allow ourselves to believe. You can live through the difficult parts of life AND embrace the abundance of beauty, good, grace and kindness that fills most of your days. 


My mission is to help you thrive not just survive through the use of validated concepts and methods from the field of Positive Psychology and Happiness Studies.  We will explore strategies to boost your happiness and increase your positive emotions.  I will help you tap into your personal strengths, skills, knowledge, resources and values. Together, we will create goals for positive change and through your actions you will make sustainable progress. If you are ready to unlock your potential and create your best life, let’s begin.


I meet with clients by video conferencing (zoom) and phone.


Join the inSPIREd Happier Center to start your journey to whole-being happiness.

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