I’m a certified Positive Psychology Coach and Happiness Trainer offering Teen Coaching, Life Coaching, and Wellness Coaching. I am also working with the Mental Health Collaborative as a mental health literacy educator, and I provide services as a Positive Psychology Speaker, Happiness Trainer and Continuing Education Provider.


It has always been a driving force for me to do good in the world. I have felt impelled to make a positive difference and lift people up in some way. When I left the fitness field to become an educator over twenty years ago, this was my intention. Make a difference.


It is my love of learning that brings passion to my profession. I am fascinated by how the brain learns, so several years ago I began studying Brain Gym® and obtained a certification in Brain Based Learning. I also wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how movement and exercise change the brain for the better. Besides the physical health benefits of exercise, there is a long list of mental health benefits such as improved mood, decreased stress and reduced anxiety. Additionally, exercise stimulates neurogenesis and has powerful positive impacts on the learning process. Knowing this forever changed the way I teach.
But, the most profound change began in 2015 when we were witnessing an ever increasing amount of stress, anxiety, depression and overall unhappiness in our students. I was asked to develop a new Stress Management curriculum. The research process led me to Positive Psychology; the scientific study of the positive aspects of the human experience and the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive.


I decided to immerse myself in a Positive Psychology certification program offered by the Wholebeing Institute which was life changing on both a personal and professional level. This journey that began as a way to help my students has become my passion and focus.  The experience of living through the covid years has changed everything especially for our young people.   I want to help my clients gain a new perspective of stress and learn how to use it to their advantage.  I want to help them find their joy and motivation, to recognize and use their unique set of strengths, to boost their confidence, find their purpose and  live a more fulfilling life. 


Today, I combine my years of experience as an educator and working with people 1:1 with my education and training to create a meaningful experience for my clients.  I draw on research based tools from Positive Psychology, Happiness Studies and my understanding of the brain-body connection to help my clients navigate life changes, identify and capitalize on their strengths, improve their wellbeing, increase happiness, build healthy relationships, and live their lives to the fullest.  As Tal Ben Shahar says, “Happiness is the ultimate currency.”


M.Ed. Secondary Education
Licensed Educator and Administrator
Continuing Education and Professional Development Provider
Brain Based Learning Certification
Certification in WholeBeing Positive Psychology
Certified Positive Psychology Coach
Certificate in Happiness Studies
Certified Personal Trainer – NASM
Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

Presenter at MAHPERD state conventions

Presenter at SHAPE America Eastern District
Presenter at SHAPE America National Conventions
Presenter at SHAPE Florida Convention
Presenter at the Advancing School Mental Health National Conference
MAHPERD 2016 Teacher of the Year