My clients include teens, young adults, individuals, groups and corporations whose goals include:


❖ Improving confidence.
❖ Increasing their level of happiness.
❖ Improving overall wellbeing (physical, emotional, relational).
❖ Stress Management.
❖ Building Resilience and Post Traumatic Growth.
❖ Building healthy relationships.
❖ Clarifying meaningful goals.
❖ Taking action towards their goals to make positive change.
❖ Developing a Growth Mindset.
❖ Navigating through major life changes in a positive manner.
❖ Increasing awareness and living a meaningful life.


“Karen is an exceptional teacher, very passionate and extremely knowledgeable about her subject area. She is a kind and a compassionate teacher who is always willing to help to make sure each and every student is successful. I have loved all of her classes and workshops and always look to see if she is teaching a new one. Her classes are awesome, meaningful and fun. ”
– Jan K. continuing education participant
“I took several classes from Karen during my high school career, including a class on Personal Safety. I chose to take this class specifically because of how much I’d enjoyed her as a teacher previously and the fact that everyone, and I mean everyone, in the school was in agreement about her being a passionate educator who makes her students feel welcome and helps them grow. The thoughtful discussions we have in her classes still stick with me to this day, and she created a climate where every student felt comfortable sharing their stories in the pursuit of bettering themselves-which is a critical and often under-acknowledged exercise for teenagers who are undergoing a lot of difficult self-reflection and change.
I will forever remember her as being one of the only teachers/mentors in my educational journey that I felt fully comfortable with, trusted and established a connection that made me genuinely look forward to each interaction we would have. She is passionate about the subjects of positive psychology, wellness and happiness studies, and that spirit radiates into the classroom to energize everyone alongside her on their paths towards growth. ”
– Christine D. Former Student
“I saw a quote the other day that I identified with, “COVID-19 has eroded our sense of well-being”….ain’t that the truth. One day I was looking for meaning on a spiritual level and then I suddenly had to worry about meeting basic needs, and down Maslow’s hierarchy I went. The stress of quarantine amplified all of my pre-pandemic problems – relationships have been tested and overwhelming worry and hopelessness took root. I knew I had to find a way to strengthen my psychological health, everyday life was becoming too much. Karen and I connected immediately and she is very easy to talk to. In each session, she gave me tangible activities I could do to boost and elevate. In between sessions, she shared exercises and thought-provoking quotes which were extremely helpful and insightful. After just a few sessions, some of my closest friends told me that I sounded happier. You need to do the work, but she is there to support you a thousand percent. This is an awful time, and what she has taught me that has helped the most is celebrating the small victories, and checking in with yourself to find small things you could do to feel better about different parts of your life every day.”  
– Matissa S., client
“I first met Karen my freshman year of high school. She was my Fitness and Wellness teacher but quickly became a mentor of mine. Over the course of high school, I became very involved in The R.A.D. Systems of Self Defense; a class that Karen offered. I truly admired her passion and drive for teaching and helping the young women and children of our community. So much so, that it inspired me to get my certification to teach R.A.D., as well. Karen was extremely integral in aiding the process to send me to become a R.A.D. certified instructor. Something I am forever grateful for. Her drive to always expand her knowledge about new topics ranging from exercise science to the brain to writing grants for projects that she was passionate about, and always finding new ways to help her students as well as those within the community, is something to be admired! Karen is one of the kindest, hardest working women I have ever known! Anyone that is lucky enough to have the opportunity to know or work with her, is extremely fortunate!”
– Heidi T., former student
“I met Karen a handful of years ago when I had a chance to take a graduate level course that she was teaching about social dance concepts in the physical education curriculum. I learned about her work through a story that I had read in the local newspaper about her ballroom dance coursework and my interest was piqued. I teach Elementary Physical Education and I wanted to see if this was something I might be able to bring to my upper elementary aged students as part of our dance curriculum.

When I attended her Ballroom Dance course, I was a little skeptical at first because it seemed like most, if not all of the teachers who were taking the course were working with middle school or high school aged students. Karen easily made adjustments to some of her teaching methods and offered simple, real, and effective strategies for me to use in order to confidently teach the content in an engaging, fun, and social way. When I’ve had a chance to teach social dance to my students, it has been very well received and Karen and I remain in close contact through twitter and email and have a lasting relationship that I can confidently lean on when I need help and advice.”
– Rob T., client
“This coaching experience helped me learn to focus on what I can control to make myself better and look to the bright sides of a bad situation. I now have many methods I can use to get out of my head when I need a distraction and how to better deal with negative thoughts. This was a very positive and helpful experience for me and I will continue to use these methods whenever I need them.
– Chloe, client and HS student