Positive Psychology Coaching


What is Positive Psychology Coaching and is it right for you?


Positive Psychology Coaching is the application of positive psychology in a coaching relationship. It is a research based approach to help clients clarify and achieve meaningful goals, navigate transitions successfully, identify and capitalize on strengths, build resilience in the face of challenge, cultivate positive emotions to broaden one’s perspective, increase wellbeing and improve performance.


We …“Build on what’s strong rather than fix what’s wrong” (Dr. Martin Seligman)


*As a wellness educator and coordinator for over twenty years, I am particularly drawn to working with teens and young adults. I am keenly aware of the challenges this generation is facing and I love helping young people build their confidence and realize their potential. With teens and young adults, I focus on developing a growth mindset and resilience along with self-care tools that can be used as they navigate through major life transitions. I want them to walk away from our sessions feeling confident, capable, motivated and ready to share their unique gifts with the world.


What Does Professional Coaching Look Like?


It’s a partnership that is client focused.


Step One – Establish our coaching partnership. In a free consultation, we will learn a bit about one another and determine if we are a good coaching match.


Step Two – Assessment, Starting Point and Goals. We will explore where you are now and what is most meaningful to you in your life, school or career, and wellbeing. Next, we’ll focus on how to find happiness in the present moment and then shift to your vision for the future. We’ll set clear, concise and heartfelt goals that will bring you to your best possible future.


Step Three – Identify your unique strengths, tap into your resources and experiences. Next, we will explore your signature strengths, experiences and resources. We’ll look at you at your best and identify ways to build upon your personal power and abilities. Sometimes when we get stuck, we forget how capable and incredible we actually are.


In this part of the journey, we will work on cultivating optimism and hope by tapping into the greatness that is already inside of you.


Step Four – Take Action, let the fun begin! We’ll move beyond the negative ruminating thoughts and dominant stories by reaching for positivity. We’ll create a goal map to help you navigate each step of the journey to your goals and celebrate your accomplishments along the way. You will take important, incremental steps, identify roadblocks, find solutions and make sustained progress towards those important life goals.


1:1 Coaching:
A coaching relationship is built upon the unique needs of each client. We will focus on skills such as:

  • Exploring Self Care Tools to Manage Stress 
  • Identifying and Capitalizing on Strengths
  • Developing Healthy Relationships
  • Building Resiliency
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Cultivating Optimism
  • Improving overall Health and Wellbeing
  • Setting Meaningful Goals and Taking Action towards meeting those goals

I meet with clients by video conferencing (zoom). 

Multi session packages are available at a discounted rate.

Group Coaching – Individually quoted depending on group size and number of sessions.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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