Do you love to learn? Do you enjoy challenging yourself with personal growth? Me too! And, I also love to teach. I have found nothing more powerful than what I’ve learned from the field of Positive Psychology and Happiness Studies and I’m excited to share it with you. What you’ll learn in my courses can be applied to your personal, family and professional life. I’ll be launching new courses annually so check back for the latest offering.


Pathways to Happiness

Growing evidence shows us that happy people enjoy better health, are more generous, more socially engaged, and typically experience more success in life.   You deserve every opportunity to learn about the science of happiness and to implement research based practices into your daily routine.
In Pathways to Happiness, you will learn strategies to help reduce and manage stress, tap into the mind-body connection, cultivate positive emotions, identify and capitalize on your unique set of character strengths, build resilience and grounded optimism and make lasting, meaningful change in your life. 
In this course, I draw primarily from the fields of Positive Psychology and Happiness Studies. Positive Psychology is the study of what goes well in human beings.  What makes us flourish. It is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive.  The focus is on building on what goes right rather than fixing what is wrong.  
Happiness Studies is an interdisciplinary field that brings together what psychology has to say about happiness with what philosophy, economics, literature, and biology also have to say about living the “good life”.  
Remember, knowledge is potential power.  The real power is in your choice to do something with it. Participants are encouraged to experiment with all of the strategies and evaluate which ones are most effective for them. There are many pathways to happiness.  Which ones will you take?
*Automated course includes 9 modules, videos, practical application exercises, and resources.
*Additional support in our private Pathways to Happiness community. Learn from and share with others who are taking or have completed the course.

Pathways to Happiness for Educators

Option 2: Self-paced course for your personal and professional growth

You get the Pathways to Happiness course, plus modules specifically focused on how these strategies can be applied in the classroom and the school counseling setting.  I share lesson plan ideas based on my own personal experience in the classroom and ideas from other educators.

In addition, you will become part of the private Pathways to Happiness for Educators community where you can share ideas with and learn from other colleagues who are creating happier classrooms and schools.  

Pathways to Happiness for Teens

Online, self-paced course with monthly live meetings

Happy teens enjoy better physical and mental health, are more socially engaged, self-confident, optimistic and have more success in school. In this program, we will draw from the fields of Positive Psychology and Happiness Studies to explore powerful information and tools that, when applied, can improve whole-being happiness and health. We will focus on your strengths, building self-confidence, decreasing stress, boosting happiness levels, and making positive change.

In this program, teens will:
Have access to a self-paced course consisting of 9 modules.
Have access to the Pathways to Happiness for Teens Community for 3 months. Learners can post questions to the forum and can attend group zoom meetings once per month


If you’re looking to bring Positive Psychology and Happiness Studies skills to your school or workplace, I also provide training for small and large groups.

Self-Care Tools for the Overwhelmed  

Stress and anxiety were already running rampant in our society before Covid 19 entered our lives. Learning how to manage and even make stress your “friend” is more important than ever to personal wellbeing and happiness. In this workshop, we will explore how changing our perception of stress can be a key factor in our physical, mental and emotional health. You will learn about and experience a variety of research-based activities that will help you feel better and be more productive.

This workshop is typically 1.5-2 hours.

Length of workshop and pricing TBD*

Happiness Boosters

Explore some of the most important findings from the field of Happiness Studies and Positive Psychology. Pursuing happiness is not a selfish act, it is a selful act. Happy people are more productive, healthier and more generous to others. When you are feeling good, you are a better parent, friend, partner and coworker. In this workshop, you will experiment with eight research based Happiness Boosting exercises to determine which strategies work best for you.


This workshop is typically 2 hours.
Length of workshop and pricing TBD*

Join the inSPIREd Happier Center to start your journey to whole-being happiness.